Interior Design Photography

Interior Design Photography


Design is all about space, details and feel. Let your visions be preserved in timeless photographs; wether for portfolio, marketing or print.

Interior design is the marriage of product and ideas,
room and light plus the comforts of beauty.

Designers and home stagers all over the Phoenix metro valley area have trusted Indy Ferrufino with their photographic needs.

We are Part of Your Team

Let us coordinate with your design team on how to properly document your ideas and projects, we can conform to any shooting situation and capture what you envision. By presenting your clients with a professional portfolio, you help them to understand the final results of a planned project.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our galleries. I hope our images have inspired you and your endeavors. Reach out and let’s discuss how to make design shine.


Don't even THINK about using my photos without my written permission. JK! Hire me instead and get your own amazing photos! Call Indy at 623-810-1893.