Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography


Take to the air for a new perspective of your project. FAA licensed and insured with hundreds of flight hours, we strive for safety and quality.

Drone footage will add the different point of view that matters.

As regulations increase we stay up to date with laws and permission processes, so you don't have to.

We cover all of Arizona including the Phoenix metro areas to help business from all aspects get the drone photos and video they need.

Creativity and Compliance

Don’t let just anyone fly your project, protect yourself from constantly changing laws and regulations about drone usage. Our trained professionals will ensure all flights are in accordance to current rules, FAA cleared and properly insured while creating stunning imagery from above. As with all of our services, every video and photograph is post processed for maximum quality.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our galleries. I hope our images have inspired you and your endeavors. Let your next assignment take off, aerial footage will help.


Don't even THINK about using my photos without my written permission. JK! Hire me instead and get your own amazing photos! Call Indy at 623-810-1893.